All over the age of 55 are invited to participate in an experiment of citizen white paper government.

The premise is that geezers are a vast, untapped resource.

What would happen if the problems of our society were targeted by geezers with an urgency comparable to that of the Manhattan project of World War II?

Some thoughts re substantive starter issues:
- the economy;
- social security;
- the state of the union; and,
- seeking stimulus grants.

Individuals are specifically sought who are interested in joining a team to seek stimulus money for the following:

FCS. Food, clothing, and shelter. No person unfed, no person unclothed, no person unsheltered.

Priority wise, first, here in the United States, then world-wide.

Food: WWII “victory gardens”. Use stimulus money to plant, harvest, and distribute food from every presently unproductive acre in the United States. Acres presently in production receive a credit for all such added production, and banks would be required to accept such credits as collateral.

Clothing: not my forte.

Shelter: Use stimulus money to convert existing vacant structures into housing.

Does anyone deny that adequately fed, clothed and sheltered individuals are more likely to add to rather than subtract from a society.

A possible advanced level benefit might be employing incarcerated individuals via work-release programs toward an end of identifying those with latent undeveloped skills which, if developed, would allow the individual to function successfully without resorting to criminal activity.

Use such concepts to help foreign countries to help themselves. Perhaps even condition foreign aid on implementation of such programs themselves thereby reducing the need of those countries for aid.

Personally, at least for anything other than the short term, I shall not be able to devote a significant amount of time, energy or resources to this effort. In short, I shall be happy to turn the reins of this over to someone who can do it justice.

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